Revolutionary War Timeline for Kids


1765 – The Stamp Act was passed by Great Britain.

The Stamp Act imposed duties on everything, from papers to playing cards. This did not sit well with the colonists.

1767 – Townshend duties were levied by the British.

The Townshend duties imposed taxes on tea, paint, and a variety of other goods on the American colonies. The colonists were enraged at the additional, unjust levies.

1770 – A skirmish erupted between British soldiers and colonists.

The colonists had grown weary of being taxed and harassed unjustly. They chose to retaliate.

1774 – The Coercive Acts were enacted.

The colonists dubbed them the Intolerable Acts. They were British-enacted legislation designed to compel colonists to collaborate.

April 15, 1775 – The beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

The war’s first shots were fired in Massachusetts. Thousands of volunteers flocked to the Continental Army’s assistance.

June 17, 1775 – There was a battle fought at Bunker Hill.

Although the colonists, dubbed Patriots, lost the war, they fought valiantly. It demonstrated to the British soldiers that they were serious about business.

June 27, 1776 – South Carolina remained steadfast in their position.

British Navy forces invaded South Carolina, but the Patriots defended their position and won the fight.

July 04, 1776 – America proclaimed independence from Great Britain.

The Declaration of Independence was signed, proclaiming the independence of America.

January 1777 – George Washington triumphed.

Washington surprised British soldiers by bringing his troops into New Jersey on Christmas Eve. The victory was claimed by Washington’s troops.

December 1777 – Valley Forge.

At Valley Forge, George Washington’s soldiers endured a terrible winter. The weather was very cold, and there was little food available, yet the troops persevered.

February 1778 – France formed an alliance with America.

Following numerous American wins against the British, France chose to support the Americans. The Americans were much stronger as a result of their assistance.

1780 – Charleston was captured by the British.

When it became apparent that the northern regions favored the Patriots, the British chose to concentrate their efforts on the south. They captured Charleston, a bastion of the Patriots.

1781 – At Yorktown, the British were beaten.

American and French forces beat a sizable British army.

1782 – British loyalists fled the nation.

When it became apparent that the Patriots would win the war, many English-loyal colonists relocated. Many of them crossed the border into Canada.

1783 – The war came to an end.

The Treaty of Paris was signed, thus ending the war.