Holocaust Timeline for Kids


1933 – Adolph Hitler is inaugurated as Chancellor

Adolph Hitler was appointed Germany’s chancellor. He despised Jews and swiftly instituted anti-Jewish measures.

1935 – Nuremberg Laws

The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of fundamental privileges, notably the right to education, marriage, and commerce.

1939 – Polish Jews are expelled

Germany occupied more than half of Poland. In 1939, they forcibly removed Polish Jews from their homes.

1939 – The ghettos

To accommodate the Jews displaced from their homes, massive Jewish ghettos were created. Warsaw was home to a well-known ghetto.

1940 – Hitler invades neighboring nations

Once Hitler had established his authority, he started invading and conquering neighboring nations.

1940 – Deaths of disabled people

Hitler advocated for the execution of individuals deemed to be disabled. The Nazis used lethal gasses.

September 1941 – The Jewish Star

Germany’s government issued a summon for all Jews living in German-controlled areas to wear a yellow star. This informed everyone that they were Jews with no rights.

1941 – The concentration camps

Hitler ordered the transfer of thousands of Jews to concentration camps in late 1941. These were referred to as “work camps.”

1941 – Into hiding

When the Jews recognized their lives were in grave danger, a large number of them fled the nation or sought refuge.

1942 – Mass killings begin

After incarcerating the Jews in labor camps, the Nazis started gassing them in massive gas chambers.

1944 – Work camps evacuated

The Nazis realized their defeat and started fleeing the extermination camps. They transported their captives in what became known as the “death marches.”

April 1945 – Hitler’s death

Hitler shot himself when it became apparent he would lose the war.

May 1945 – Germans surrender

Only a week after Adolph Hitler’s death did the German army surrender.

1945 – The Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946)

The Nuremberg Trials were convened to bring those responsible for the Holocaust to justice.

1948 – Israel was founded

When the war ended, the Jews had nowhere to go. Israel was founded with the assistance of the Allies.